Unleash the innovator inside

DSC_4735Have you ever wondered how to tap into your creative potential and unleash the innovator inside?

On Thursday 23rd April, Maureen and Cristina co-facilitated an interactive session for the BPW Lake Geneva Club. Focusing on the key behaviors and skills that innovators have in common, the aim was to provide valuable insights into how everyone can become more innovative. Overcoming the barriers to being innovative is crucial to being better prepared for those critical workplace challenges when you have to go beyond the obvious and come up with new ideas, processes, and products. Participants at the evening’s event were encouraged to tackle the myths related to innovation and to assess their own Innovator Behaviours.DSC_4612

Why not check your own Innovator Behaviors with our test?

BPW Lake Geneva was launched on January 28, 2010. It is the first English speaking Business Professional Women (BPW) Club in Switzerland.In keeping with the tradition of being the leading professional association. BPW is fully committed to promoting & empowering women in business.