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How do you evaluate yourself currently on the behaviours that will support you in your drive for innovation?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is very high and 1 is very low.

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  • I have good observational skills and I am curious about everything.

  • I regularly ask questions of myself and others.

  • I usually listen with great attention.

  • I tend to look for opportunities at every twist and turn of the road.

  • I like connecting with other people and I am interested in what they have to contribute.

  • I enjoy learning from others outside of my own area of expertise.

  • I like doing things differently.

  • I value my ideas and those of other people.

  • I am happy to take a risk and experiment.

  • I do not mind failing but I always aim to learn from my failure.

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You have reached of a possible 100 points (%)

100-80 You are already using the behaviours of an innovator; keep up the good work!
60 – 80 Your innovator behaviours are sound. You might want to consider what you could improve to become better.
40 – 60 You need to be more proactive and focus more on the benefits that practising these behaviours will bring.
20 – 40 Your innovator behaviours need work and development if you ever want to be an effective innovator.

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