This remarkable book will become my source of reference both for coaching and for expanding the innovation culture in our company. Coaching for Innovation is a guide for beginners and for experts, and is a great asset to create and coach innovative teams.

André-Michel Ballester
Chief Executive Officer
Sorin Group

The quickest way to changing attitude, or to creating culture change, is informal, facilitative coaching used by all within the team. This book explains and trains to create just the right mindset for innovation. And it sets out the success-blueprint for innovation in any workplace.

Dr Angus I McLeod
Director, author, coach and Visiting Professor of Coaching
Birmingham City University

This book should become a standard reference guide for people who are working in innovation and technology transfer, in science, research, as well as in industry. The reader will learn about innovative coaching methods and models in a comprehensive and accessible way.

Erich Griesmayer
CIVIDEC Instrumentation, Austria

Coaching for Innovation is not just for managers with ‘innovation’ in their job titles, or companies at the cutting edge of new technologies. It is for all managers of people where optimal engagement is demanded and it is a powerful tool for the management of teams. This excellent book demystifies coaching, and shows you simply and effectively how to adopt the coaching mindset and how to deploy a coaching-based strategy in your team to drive innovation.

Tim Starr
Vice-President, Operations
Symetis S.A.

This book brings together for the first time innovation models driven by coaching that really open up the creativity of teams and individuals. Coaching for Innovation leverages coaching and comes with an instruction manual that is easy to understand and empowering in its application. This is an indispensable toolkit for leaders and all who truly want to invest in themselves to make a difference.

Ben Wallace
Head of Global Marketing Excellence
Bayer Crop Science

Coaching for Innovation made me realise that we too often forget the multiple paths and opportunities that surround us and which could trigger our thoughts and generate new ideas. Reading this book made me step back and think about how I could best influence my environment and colleagues to develop an open, transparent and creative workplace.

Yann Ehrbar
Sales Director Switzerland

Coaching for Innovation is a valuable contribution to coaching and leadership. Filled with practical tools and examples, this book shows how innovation in individuals and teams can be unleashed in the workplace. Bianchi and Steele illustrate well how curiosity for diverse perspectives and learning beyond our area of expertise are essential for innovation, which is key for lasting business success.

Philippe Rosinski, Ir., MS, MCC
Author of Global Coaching and Coaching Across Cultures
Rosinski & Company sprl

Coaching for Innovation is inspirational, pragmatic and demystifies the myths of innovation. It clearly explains how individuals can use coaching techniques to create an environment that supports creativity and innovation. It also gives a great insight into building innovative teams that can think big and dare to try new things. I will definitely take this further with my team.

Marianne De Muynck
Director IT and NBM governance EMEA
PPG Industries Europe Sarl

Coaching for Innovation is a great book filled with practical tips and suggestions. The book can be used both as a quick reference guide around coaching and team dynamics, but also as an in-depth self-learning guide to take your coaching skills to a whole new level. The many examples of powerful questions are useful in any environment.

Arnold Dikkers
Reward lead EMEA

Bianchi and Steele have created a practical handbook that will immediately enable individuals to contribute innovatively as well as coaching their team to do the same. An accessible and thought provoking read that has application beyond innovation – it’s a toolbox that will support culture change. Coaching for Innovation is highly relevant and topical for any business looking to improve, amongst other things, performance, profit, employee engagement and leveraging an increasingly diverse workforce.

Sarah-Jane Mills
PPG Architectural Coatings UK Limited and Leader
Senior Counsel UK & Ireland, PPG’s EMEA Women Leadership Council

Bianchi and Steele have created an important resource for research leaders and those interested in developing a detailed understanding of the powerful role coaching can have in building ideas and driving innovation. This well-written book covers a number of important issues and techniques and includes many practical examples that are very useful in daily practice.

Dr. Carsten P. Welsch
Professor of Physics
University of Liverpool, UK