Coaching for innovation

Foster bigger thinking and drive innovation using coaching skills
What People Say

"Coaching for Innovation is a guide for beginners and for experts, and is a great asset to create and coach innovative teams.”

- André-Michel Ballester, Chief Executive Officer, Sorin Group

The Concept

Coaching For Innovation is a way for everyone to drive innovation using coaching skills. Buying into this concept means honing your questioning skills, enhancing your listening ability and developing your ability to step into a coaching role to drive innovation.

When you coach for innovation, you encourage a culture of idea generation, maximise creativity and engagement, and generate more options for yourself and others. Ultimately, you will go beyond the obvious and break through to new ideas. Coaching For Innovation is supported by a ground-breaking book and a coaching and training offer to meet your unique needs.

Today, innovation is not a choice – it’s a must!

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Step into a Coaching Role and Drive Innovation

The Book

” Coaching For Innovation – Tools and Techniques for Encouraging New Ideas in the Workplace ” shows you how to have powerful conversations that generate new ideas.

The book is full of practical tips, models, exercises, and examples that make coaching for innovation accessible. The step-by-step approach equips you with a practical toolkit to drive innovation when working with both individuals and teams.

Meet The Coaches


Founder and Managing Director of Enhance Training and Development

Truly international, Cristina is an accomplished public speaker with hands-on professional experience. She works creatively with her clients in the areas of management and leadership development, conflict management, women and leadership and the role of diversity in innovation.

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Founder and Managing Director of The Training Box Ltd

Author of 52 Brilliant Communication Tips

With a background in international business, Maureen places a strong focus in her work on communication with innovative and creative solutions. She inspires and motivates groups and individuals, encouraging them to tap into their hidden potential.

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