There must be a better way to cut cherry tomatoes

iStock_000014028830SmallCreative thinking comes in many guises and can be stimulated and encouraged in ways you might never have thought were possible. Sometimes, it is simply about doing things differently.

This clip on YouTube about a time-efficient way to slice cherry tomatoes has had more than four million hits. That is a lot of energy saved when making the salad! Did you realise, though, that being creative in the kitchen can have a positive impact on how creative you are in other areas of your life as well? Psychologist Dr Simone Ritter from Radboud University Nijmegen has found that even just changing the way you make your usual sandwich can help boost levels of creativity. Dr Ritter’s research featured in a BBC Horizon documentary broadcast in 2013. You can explore how you can be more creative in this interesting article on the BBC website, “Five Ways to be More Creative”

By expanding your experiences and turning your daily routines on their head once in a while, your brain builds new pathways, makes new connections and becomes increasingly better at generating new ideas. In Chapter 9 of Coaching for Innovation, you can find out how to use Building Block 8 to strengthen your creative potential and that of your team as well.