The spirit of coaching for innovation

Welcome to the first iStock_000012154433Large blog post.  We see the blog as a way of having a conversation with you. Our hope is that this will become a two-way conversation and turn into a dialogue with you where we can share thoughts, ideas and experiences around the topics of innovation, creativity, and of course coaching.

We (that is Maureen and Cristina) are writing this first post together – a reflection of how we wrote our book.  Every single word was the result of us sitting together, thinking together and writing together.  We debated with each other, we agreed and we also frequently disagreed, but we always found a common – and mostly creative – solution that integrated our initial and separate thoughts into one joint approach that was usually much better than anything we could have come with separately. We asked each other many questions, we listened with great respect to what the other had to say and we worked hard to generate multiple options. Our belief was (and still is) that as long as you keep looking,  there will be a solution that suits us both and brings something new to the table.  It was a true microcosm of the spirit that underpins Coaching for Innovation.

With this website – and most of all with your support and collaboration – we look forward to continuing our learning journey with you.