The official book launch

DSCN1352On June 12th, we officially launched Coaching for Innovation in Switzerland (the country where both Maureen and Cristina live) with an event to celebrate the book, the concept, the website and of course, to thank those who had supported us throughout the writing and publication process. We were joined by many of our Test Pilots and endorsers – as well as friends, colleagues and our families – for a lovely evening on the shores of Lake Geneva. It goes without saying that of course we missed all of our supporters and collaborators who could not attend this event – in large part due to the distance involved or busy work schedules. If you read this post, we hope you will know that you were with us in our thoughts. The atmosphere was fun, friendly and naturally a little creative too. In some of our other blog posts listed under “Events” you can find a photo montage of the launch event, take a closer look at the result of our collaborative painting effort and peruse a list of the most creative things our guests had ever done. We thank you all for coming (or for being with us in spirit if not in person) and we look forward to sharing more adventures with you in the future. [box] A very special “thank you” must go to Serena Dignola-Russignan of “La lumière du temps” for her wonderful candles and beautifully colour-coordinated decorative touches which brought a touch of extra glamour to the room! [/box]