You can complete the questionnaires one after the other, or in any order you like. Each questionnaire stands alone so you can even choose to do just one or two. In each questionnaire you will be presented with a list of different statements and asked to decide which statements apply to you and to what extent. When you have completed the questionnaire, making sure you have responded to each statement, you can view your results.

On the results page you will find instructions about how to print out the results or to save them as a pdf document. After you have reviewed your results for a particular questionnaire, you will find links to navigate to the other questionnaires.

Working with Others

Decision-Making and Getting Things Done
Questionnaire 1

The Relationship Level

Creating the Right Environment for Meaningful Conversations
Questionnaire 2

Ability to Inspire and Lead

Creating Commitment and Engagement
Questionnaire 3

Attitude and Approach

Readiness to Step into a Coaching Role
Questionnaire 4